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American Crafts We R Washi Tape Dispenser

Washi Tape Dispenser and Storage

Expandable! Holds up to 30 rolls of Washi Tape!
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SKU WR0912
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From American Crafts We R line of products, this washi tape storage caddy and dispenser. It keeps your washi tape secure and has the metal tape blades for easy dispensing. Add a stacking post which allows you to stack them and hold even more, while also being able to access and dispense the washi tape.

Product Details:

  • A great storage solution for washi tape; no more worrying about it rolling off the table.
  • The dispenser features a soft matte finish
  • It is a turntable making access even easier
  • Holds up to thirty rolls of tape using the stackable post
  • Additional storage for small items such as paper clips, erasers, tacks and more
  • Overall size: Size - 4.5 in tall x 8.5 in wide
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