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Washi Tape - Solid Colors

Washi Tape - Solid Colors

Imported from Japan
50 ft per roll
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The word "washi" comes from the Japanese word "Wa" which means "Japanese" and from the Japanese word "shi" which means "paper". Japanese paper is paper that is made using local fibers and is handmade and made in the traditional Japanese manner. This Washi tape is made in and imported from Japan. Use these solid colored Washi tapes for all sorts of craft projects. Embellish scrapbooks, journals, photo albums, gift cards, gift wrapping, and more. These are not the small rolls you'll find in most big box craft stores, each roll has 50 ft of tape, not a few yards or approximately 9 - 10 feet.

Product Details:

  • Available in 8 solid colors: Aqua, light blue, bright green, bright yellow, lavender, pink, brown and black.
  • Each roll is 1/2 in wide and 50 ft long or 15 mm wide by 15M long
  • Great for scrapbooking, journaling, decorating crafts and wrapping gifts.
  • Made in Japan; imported.

Pair the washi tape with our archival quality permanent markers and the washi tape becomes a label!

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