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The Perfect Photo Album

The Perfect Photo Album

Holds 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10 photos
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3-Ring binder photo albums provide the versatility to hold any size photos and mementos by using a combination of photo pages in this photo album. This photo album comes with 15 sheets that hold 4x6 photos, 10 sheets that hold 5x7 photos and 5 sheets that hold 8x10 portraits.

Product Details:

  • Each photo album includes 30 sheets for a total of 60 pages
  • 15 sheets will hold 60 4x6 photos (2 horizontal per page).
  • 10 sheets will hold 40 5x7 photos (2 horizontally per page).
  • 5 - 8x10 photo protectors which hold 10 8x10 photos.
  • Constructed with a 1.5" size D-ring standard 3-ring binder mechanism.
  • Add magnetic pages to hold odd sized photos from Related products below.
  • This photo album binder will easily hold an additional 30 sheets.
  • Pages are pvc, acid and lignen free.
  • Do you have more 4 x 6 photos? Pair this photo album with our two-tone 2 up or 3 up 4x6 photo albums for a matching set.

This product is in stock and usually ships within 1 - 3 business days of ordering. Shipping is calculated by weight.
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