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Small Graphite Object - Quill

Small Graphite Object - Quill

Functional art, it is beautiful and it writes!
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The Quill graphite object fits perfectly in your hand for writing and is reminiscent of the days when quills were the writing implement of choice. These little works of art in graphite are great gifts for those who seem to have everything. These sculpted graphite objects write for forever, never need sharpening, and are a conversation piece for your desk, reception area, coffee table and more.

Made with natural graphite & smudge resistant compounds which are then fused in specialized forms under intense pressure. Please call 1-866-772-7200 if you are interested in ordering other graphite object styles. Custom objects in large quantities can be designed specifically for your company or special event.

Product Details

  • Handmade in San Francisco, CA
  • Writes like a pencil on any paper
  • Will not stain hands
  • Individually gift boxed
This product is in stock and will ship within 1 - 2 business days of ordering. Shipping is calculated by weight.
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