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Bulk 12 x 12 Top Loading Pages for 12 x 12 Binders

Bulk 12 x 12 Top Loading Pages for 12 x 12 Binders

Bulk Refill
50 Sheets for 3-Ring Binders
No Cardstock Inserts Included
SKU WR5012
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Max out your 12 x 12 Binder with this 50 sheet, top-loading 12 x 12 page protector refill pack. Card stock inserts are not included, this item only includes the page protectors. Card stock inserts are offered in the Related Products below.

Product Details:
  • 50 Sheets per package
  • Adds 100 pages (both sides)
  • Fits standard 12 x 12 3-ring binders
  • Archival quality; acid and PVC free
  • Made with low glare, ultra clear polypropylene film
  • Add 4x6 photo pages for 12 x 12 binders from Related Products below to create a combination photo album and scrapbook
This product is in stock and will ship within 1 - 3 business days of ordering unless ordered with another product that is not in stock.
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