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MechoShade Fabric Remnants

MechoShade Fabric Remnants

Price is per sq ft.
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This patented fabric protects light sensitive items and people from direct sunlight, while permitting a view to the outside. This is new fabric that was improperly cut or the wrong color was sent for Mechoshade installations. In a commercial setting this fabric has many uses outside of being visually transparent shading that provides UV light filtration. It is often used to cover movable partitions, to cover acoustical boards, graphic designs can be printed on them for advertising, while also reducing sun glare. In hospitals MechoShades are used because the fabric is is threads covered in their specially engineered polymer that is hypoallergenic and can be cleaned with a bleach solution for hospital clean rooms. Artistically and in home decor the fabric has been used a place mats (easy to clean), as a trellis cover and much more.

The price is per sq. foot. as the cuts available are odd sizes. Mechoshade fabric typically sells for $50 - $90 per yard. Colors available will vary.

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