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12 x 12 Navy Blue Linen Memorybook

12 x 12 Fabric Scrapbooks by Dalee Book

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  • Limited colors and quantities
  • Made by Dalee Book
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This is a high quality, well constructed 12 x 12 post bound scrapbook covered in a variety of mostly solid colored fabrics. Two cover styles are available - no cover window/frame or with a cover frame. Cover frame sizes vary. Please call with questions at 866-772-7200. Photos will be posted soon. The back cover of one was damaged, so while there are cover options, only one total scrapbook is available. Each scrapbook comes with 10 clear plastic, top-loading pocket page protectors that hold 12" x 12" white page inserts. Pages are easily rearranged or updated with minimal effort.

Additional details:

  • Post bound scrapbooks are easily expandable with 12 x 12 refills.
  • Limited colors and quantities
  • Overall size is 14" x 12.5" inches
  • Made in the USA.
This product is in stock and usually ships within 1 - 3 business days of ordering. Shipping is calculated by weight.

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