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Twist 4022 Medium Blue and Dark Blue Cone

Twist Medium and Dark Blue #4022

  • Spools - $8.00 - Cones - $16.00
  • A high-strength, high-sheen thread created specifically for embroidery
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Twist by Superior Threads is a high-strength, high-sheen tri-lobal polyester thread which has been created specifically for embroidery. What makes this thread special is the dual-colored blend, which adds texture and depth to any embroidery design. The bright but deep blue of this thread is created by twisting medium blue and dark blue colored thread together. The two colors in one make embroidery of items such as the sky, water and landscapes come to life over a single color thread

Product Details:

  • Thread Weight: 40 wt. trilobal thread
  • Fiber: Polyester
  • Colors: Medium Blue/Dark blue
  • This thread has a high-sheen appearance which creates bold, visible stitches that are ideal for embroidery
  • Cone contains 2000 yards of thread
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