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Medium Pink - Living Colors Thread

Medium Pink - Living Colors Thread

500 yd spool
40 wt. 2-ply thread
Recommended for quilting, embroidery and decorative stitching
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Medium pink colored thread is from the Living Colors series of threads. Living Colors is a trilobal polyester thread collection created specifically to replicate skin tones. Living Colors represents the broad spectrum of skin tones in 25 solid colors. These threads have a beautiful presence when embroidered, quilted, and thread painted. These threads have a high-sheen appearance that creates bold, visible stitches. he thread is a high-strength trilobal polyester thread, ideal for embroidery.

Product Details:
  • Each spool holds 500 yards
  • Thread weight is 40 wt. 2-ply
  • Fiber is Polyester
  • This thread has a high-sheen appearance that creates bold, visible stitches
  • High-strength trilobal polyester thread
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