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8 x 10 Refill Sheet, Clear Plastic Page

8 x 10 Refill Sheet, Clear Plastic Page

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Clear, archival, polypropylene pocket pages for Dalee 8x10 Photo Albums
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This refill includes 10 top-loading clear plastic pages for most standard post bound 8 x 10 photo albums. Adds 20 pages (1 photo per side) to your favorite 8x10 post bound photo albums.

This product was specifically made for Dalee Book's 8x10 post bound photo albums. Since Dalee Book is no longer in business, we are looking to have these pages made again. However, we need to know customer's interest level in having more of these pages. Therefore if you are looking for these 8x10 top loading pages, please use our contact form to let us know and at what quantity and we will contact you when they have been made.

In the meantime, these 8x10 refill pages can be used instead in the Dalee Book 8x10 photo albums.

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