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Vicki Boutin Print Shop 12 x 12 Planning Sheet

Vicki Boutin 12 x 12 Planning Sheet

This double sided cardstock can be cut into 6 4x6 cards
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This double sided cardstock has 6 cards printed on one side and a blue on blue hash pattern on the opposite side. The six cards can be cut apart and added to 4x6 photo albums in lieu of a photo to add notes, comments or to mount a small memento. Three cards are "blank" and three say things - It is the Weekend, Making Plans, and Captured. Start your travel journal, photo album or scrapbook with this colorful, creative patterned card stock! Pair them with your favorite embellishments to customize all sorts of projects. Each one is 12x12 inches, double sided, and perfect for scrapbooks, cards, DIYs and so much more. 180 gsm or slightly better than 65 lb cardstock.

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