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American Crafts Tear Guides for Scrapbooking

We R Memory Keepers Tear Guides

Always cut the perfect stylized edges with these Tear Guides from We R Memory Makers by American Crafts
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Ideal for scrapbooking or simply creating a frame for a favorite photo, these tear guides make it easy to tear and deckle paper. Made by American Crafts for their We R Memory Keepers Tear Guides! These tear guides come in 6 different styles and each accurately measures in 1/16" increments. Made with transparent plastic which allows for easy centering on any style of paper. Also included is a refillable water pen to make tearing thicker paper easier! This package includes 6 tearing guides (two tear patterns per guide) and one water pen.

Product Details:

Create perfect torn and deckled edges for your craft projects with the following edge styles:
  • Each package contains three tear guides, each with 2 edge styles and one water pen for easier tearing
  • Large Zigzag
  • Small Zigzag
  • Large Wave
  • Small Wave
  • Course Deckle
  • Fine Deckle
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