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Safari Variegated Rainbows Thread by Superior Threads

Safari Rainbows thread

Available in Spools and Cones
Starting at $8.00
Designed for embroidery, quilting, and decorative stitching
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The Safari Rainbows variegated thread changes from Gold, Brown, Dark Gold to Black. The #40 Polyester thread comes in a 500 yd spool, or a 2,000 yd. cone. Rainbows is a variegated high-sheen trilobal polyester thread which is ideal for quilting, decorative stitching, and embroidery. Rainbows series of thread are precision dyed and have a one-inch color change interval.

Product Details:
  • Thread Weight: 40 wt./2-ply
  • Fiber: Polyester
  • Colors: Gold, Brown, Dark Gold and Black
  • This thread has a high-sheen appearance which creates bold, visible stitches
  • This variegated thread is precision-dyed in one inch color change intervals
  • Cone contains 2000 yards of thread; Spool contains 500 yards
  • Home Machines: Topstitch needle #90/14. Set tension to 2.0-3.0
  • Longarm Machines: needle point size #18 (MR 4.0); reduce tension as necessary
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